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Our Story

After finishing his studies at the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) in San Sebastian, Spain, Miguel Warren returned to his hometown of Medellin with the idea of applying high-end cuisine techniques to foods and ingredients indigenous to Colombia. Through its research in gastronomy, the culinary team finds ingredients used in the different regions of the country and tests a wide array of techniques and combinations with each of them. Iterations of this process continue at the test kitchen until exquisite creations arise and are ready to be included in the tasting menu. This task has taken Miguel through every corner of Colombia, as the search of new ingredients and ideas in the second most biodiverse country in the planet is never ending. Such approach has not only contributed to the innovative philosophy behind Barcal's success, but has also proven to be extremely gratifying for the team since supporting local producers and communities rewards their hard work in guaranteeing quality ingredients. In addition, these interactions have allowed him to understand the cultural impact of each product over the inhabitants of the different regions, which further enhances the creative process that goes into the dining experience at Barcal.  

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